NBA players and civil rights leaders criticized Adam Silver slapping Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver on the wrist.

Party promoters and venues are gearing up for several "lituations," in an effort to take part of the economic boom, regardless of what it may cost in terms of public health.


The NBA's theme for its "bubble" restart playoffs season was one of racial justice, but the league gave new context to Black Lives Matter when its playoffs ended without a single person testing positive for the coronavirus.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver isn’t happy with the diversity amongst coaches in the league and is ready to make a change. Silver, who always strives to make the league its best, is ready  to feature the first woman head coach in history. And he thinks it’ll happen in the near future. “There definitely will,” he said […]


Distancing himself from statements made by NBA Players Association Vice President Roger Mason Jr., Miami Heat forward LeBron James says he has no plans on boycotting the 2014-2015 NBA season if Donald Sterling remains owner of the Los Angeles Clippers — yet. “We see what Adam Silver is doing, and he’s moving forward,” James said. “If he […]