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The Supreme Court made a major ruling on affirmative action in colleges and universities. And here to break it down to break down the court ruling is Judge Melodee Armstrong. She’s also an attorney and mediator of high-profile cases helping clients succeed, Judge Melodee Armstrong

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How did we get here? 

Of the Supreme, not Diana, right? Said last year, said last year. The sequel on overturning Cases, this ban is after affirmative action was introduced in 1961 by President Kennedy. Federal Contracts 9 states already banned affirmative action in schools, and one guy has led this Ed Blum, a 70-year-old conservative activist who in 2008. When President Obama won, had little money, found students, Asian and White, who pay zero and filed lawsuits with high-priced law firms. And like the car warranty folk he called donors, who gave him millions and who got tax deductions. The charity paid his lawyers and him. So they targeted affirmative action. For 20 years and to bet on the president. To appoint the justices. They needed this group also helped gut the Voting Rights Act. So now your college essay can say how heritage or culture motivated you to take a leadership role or do something. 

But applicants must be treated based on their quote experiences as an individual, not on race J, some might say being black is an experience, right? So this ruling, may impact pipelines and let’s say black doctors as studies show we have. Healthier outcomes when we’re treated by doctors who look. So The Supremes still allow considering diversity with students who speak multiple languages or first thing your family to attend college. President Biden’s team is giving schools guidance to promote diversity and education. A lot depends on your state, but there are no changes. It’s the military academies. 


Clarence Thomas used affirmative action to his advantage, and now he is part of striking it down: 

Justice Thomas said that he didn’t get a lot of job offers because of affirmative action and and keep in mind in this case there were Asian American students who were claiming discrimination and attacked a law designed to fight against discrimination. 


Is there anything that US everyday citizens can do? 

And you know miss openly and others might be fish grease hot. As this happened during the Juneteenth month, so let’s play stay capable and qualified seek the Kingdom of God then seek advocacy from admins to leadership in C suites. And be deliberate and fearless, like those who destroyed affirmative action. And souls to the polls where you live for every election like the cases. Were overturned TJ voting at every level overturns the seats of your opponents, so vote with faith. And watch the rebirth of a new nation. 

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