The coronavirus-inspired anti-Black racism experienced by Africans in China hasn't gotten any better since it was exposed last month, according to an African leader in the Asian country.

Streep was asked by an Egyptian reporter at a press conference whether the jury would be able to relate to or process films from the Middle East and Africa. Streep honestly admitted she didn't know much about policies in either region, but said we're all humans - and specifically - we're all from Africa.

In Portugal’s capital city, Lisbon, a painting from the 16th century offers an early depiction of the connection between Blacks and Jews. The anonymous artist captured a typical scene in the busy port city, but careful examination by an art curator in Baltimore revealed an overlooked instance showing the connection between the races, writes the […]

According to a column from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, African immigrants who have taken root in Milwaukee and surrounding areas find themselves turning a curious eye towards their Black American neighbors after a rash of crime has impacted the Pan-African community. SEE ALSO: Christie: War On Drugs A Failure Fessahaye Mebrahtu (pictured), executive director of the […]


Sweden’s Minister of Culture Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth partook in the cutting of a cake that depicts a naked African woman, sparking accusations of racism from the African community in Sweden. SEE ALSO: Obama’s Cockiness Problem Zimmerman Trial Drama Begins Sweden’s English language newspaper “The Local” reports that the cake cutting took place during an art […]

In a barbaric and shocking video (watch below) that is making its way across the Internet, Libyan rebels are depicted giving insulting demands to a group of African men who have been placed in a zoo-like cage and forced to eat the country’s flag. SEE ALSO: Why Bobbi Kristina Shouldn’t Talk With Oprah “Eat the […]