Good News

WakandaCon, an Afro-futurism conference inspired by the film ‘Black Panther,’ is coming to Chicago this summer.

Butler's "Dawn" is going to be a new television series.

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Most Sci-Fi would have you believe that there won’t be any black people in the future. Well, we at NewsOne beg to differ. We gathered together a few of our favorite Afro-futurist music videos for a supercut. From Parliament Funkadelic to Janelle Monae, we’re taking you black to the future.  Watch!


If you’re looking for people of color in your summer sci-fi blockbuster, you’ll be waiting for a long time. A new infographic form Lee & Low Books details just how lacking fantasy films are in the diversity department: only 14 percent of movies feature a female protagonist and only 8 percent feature a protagonist of […]