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If you’re looking for people of color in your summer sci-fi blockbuster, you’ll be waiting for a long time. A new infographic form Lee & Low Books details just how lacking fantasy films are in the diversity department: only 14 percent of movies feature a female protagonist and only 8 percent feature a protagonist of color. Read more.

Detroit Police: 8-Year-Old Boy Shot and Killed While Sleeping

Sporadic gunfire isn’t an unusual sound in the Brewster Homes public housing complex in Detroit, but booming noises that shook Tenesha Higgins early Wednesday morning were way too close. Numerous shots were fired at an apartment building, with one piercing a wall and hitting an 8-year-old boy who was sleeping. The child — who Higgins described as a “good boy” who loved playing baseball — died 45 minutes later. Read more.

Obama Administration Joins Suits Against GOP-Backed Voting Restrictions In Wisconsin, Ohio

The Obama administration on Wednesday sought to join two ongoing lawsuits against voting laws in Wisconsin and Ohio. In the filings, the Justice Department argued that a federal judge was right to strike down Wisconsin’s voter ID law and that Ohio is incorrectly interpreting its duties under a provision of the Voting Rights Act. Read more.

New York Lawmaker Wants To Outlaw Police Chokeholds Once And For All

It’s been almost two weeks since Eric Garner died on Staten Island after being put into a chokehold by NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo. Since Garner’s death, photo and video evidence has emerged showing New York City police officers using apparent chokeholds to apprehend two other suspects, both of whom were black, and both of whom allegedly resisted arrest over petty crimes. Read more.

Grammy-Winning Artist Launches Campaign: ‘Rage Against the Ratchet’

Grammy award-winning songwriter and producer Carvin Haggins is spearheading a controversial drive to urge urban radio stations to clean up their acts. Haggins, 44, a respected industry heavyweight, is calling on territorial stations to stop playing violent, misogynistic and over-sexualized songs. Read more.

Lawsuit: Cops in Eric Garner Precinct Beat Man Who Died Last Year

Staten Island police arrive at the scene of an alleged crime, where they find a middle-aged black man. He resists arrest, maybe, so they rough him up a bit. After a while, he complains that he’s having difficulty breathing, but medical attention arrives too late, and he dies.

It’s the story of Eric Garner, but also of Iriving Mizell, who died in police custody last year in the same precinct where Garner perished this month. Last week, the NYPD’s Civilian Complaint Review Board ruled that Officers Megan Carroll and Earl Javellana did not seek medical attention for Mizzell, and that Officer Todd Craven used excessive force and gave a false statement regarding his arrest, the New York Daily News reports. And a lawsuit this week alleges Mizzell was “viciously” beaten and assaulted by cops before his death. Read more.