Sterling's family moved to dismiss a wrongful death against the city in May, signaling that an agreement had been reached to accept the funds.

Taxpayers are covering the legal bill for the ex-cop who killed Alton Sterling.

Another charge and this cop has not spent one day behind bars.

About 35 civil rights activists held a sit-in at Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry’s office to demand that he appoint a special prosecutor to review Alton Sterling’s case.

The police officer who killed Alton Sterling is appealing his termination.

Ben Ferguson clearly didn't know how to respond.

After news that there will be no charges against the cops who killed Alton Sterling and Kareem Ali Nadir Jones, it makes one wonder what it take for an officer to get convicted for killing a Black man.

Officers Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake II are cleared in the shooting death of Alton Sterling.

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry plans to meet privately with Alton Sterling’s relatives to inform them on whether he will charge the two White Baton Rouge cops who killed him.

A federal judge tossed a lawsuit against BLM claiming the protesters incited a gunman to launch a deadly attack in Baton Rouge.


A Baton Rouge police officer is suing Black Lives Matter activists over a police shooting that occurred in 2016.

Officers pepper sprayed and tasered protesters as they remembered Sterling, who was killed by a White cop one year ago.