Good News

A family of Black authors is transforming their travel adventure books into an animated series.

Good News

Sony Pictures Animation has teamed up with film director Matthew A. Cherry to release an animated film that celebrates Black hair.


  DreamWorks Is Producing A 3D Computer Animated Post-Apocalyptic Feature w/ A Black Girl At The Center DreamWorks Animation studios plans to add a little, shall we say, “color” to its growing, rather *vanilla* portfolio of movies, with its next project, titled Home, a 3D computer-animated feature film set in the future, which is based […]

News animation site Next Media Animation added fuel to the fire of a controversial race-based bake sale at UC Berkeley by releasing an animated video that explores the politics of Affirmative Action on Thursday. The video shows an animation of a white student paying attention in class while a Black students is sleeping next to […]