Annette Larkins

What is raw foodism? Raw foodism, or rawism, is the belief that a diet consisting of raw food—mostly uncooked and unprocessed plants—is the best way to stay healthy. Those who follow raw foodism subsist largely on nuts, dried fruits, vegetables, beans, sprouts and seaweed, and while most are vegans who consume nothing that comes from […]

What are Annette Larkins’ top recipes? Annette Larkins, a 71-year-old raw-food enthusiast who credits her healthy lifestyle for her age-defying appearance, shares her top recipes on her website, as well as via her DVD, “Annette’s Raw Kitchen,” and her two “Journey to Health” booklets. MUST SEE: 71 Going On 40! Meet Raw Foodist Annette Larkins! […]

Who is Annette Larkins? Annette Larkins is a 71-year-old raw-food enthusiast whose vegan lifestyle—and its apparent health benefits—has made her an Internet sensation. Born in Asheville, North Carolina, and raised in Miami, where she started a family and lives to this day, Annette Larkins went veggie in 1963, when she developed a sudden distaste for […]

Annette Larkins (pictured) doesn’t look anywhere near 71 years old, and she knows it. Looking more like her 80-year-old husband’s granddaughter and either of her children’s older sister, Annette credits her meatless diet of more than 40 years for her radiant youthfulness and her physical vitality. She doesn’t heat any of her food, preferring to […]