The Daily Wire CEO Jeremy Boreing accused Candace Owens of antisemitism but never got mad at her anti-Black or homophobic rhetoric.


The Nation of Islam leader seeks $5 billion.

There's been an absence of the same cancel culture energy for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his alleged "antisemitism" than there was for Kyrie Irving. Coincidence?

Implying that Black people don't speak up for other oppressed groups is a flat-out lie.


Van Jones did not apologize to the Jewish community on behalf of Black people's "silence" over Kanye West's antisemitism, but criticism followed anyway.

"Minister Farrakhan, I love you, but the way you read that, I took that as a slight," the rapper formerly known as Kanye West said.

A statement attributed to Ronald Dalton Jr. addresses the Kyrie Irving controversy.

A 1967 essay could help explain -- not excuse -- the recent behavior of Ye and Kyrie Irving.

A growing number of notable people are speaking out to defend Kyrie Irving as the embattled NBA player faces discipline for tweeting a film critics have called antisemitic.

At what point do Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Books share the blame?

Adidas is the latest brand to sever ties with the rapper formerly known as Kanye West amid his fountain of antisemitism that is severely affecting his net worth.