For "good actors" to reach voters effectively, they need clear and consistent information about how to comply with the new 10DLC policies.

Without DirecTV as a distribution platform, OAN will lose an overwhelming majority of its revenue.  

After news broke of telecommunications giant AT&T’s alleged role in creating and sustaining the right-wing disinformation network One America News (OAN), calls for accountability has been swift. Released earlier this week, a special report from Reuters documented the allegations that AT&T not only encouraged the creation of another conservative news network but is its primary source of revenue.  


The money is intended to assist parents, teachers and students during the coronavirus crisis.

Good News

Former BET CEO Debra Lee has been appointed to join AT&T’s board of directors.

Good News

AT&T has launched a new initiative to bring more employment opportunities to Chicago.

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Another year, another chance to make a difference. Moments of kindness — whether from celebrities or community members using their power to bring attention to education, career encouragement, or youth empowerment — set the internet ablaze with positivity this year. Now, we’re gathering our favorite feel-good stories that inspired us over the past few months. Check out […]