Gwen Carr renewed her warnings of racial and "policing" consequences.

The International Olympic Committee reissued their stance on barring political speech or silent acts of protest at the games, with a specific reference to the phrase "Black Lives Matter."

Members of a Georgia church are taking action against the pastor who banned a 103-year-old woman by ordering him to step down.


Way to go, California! The state’s buildings are finally kicking the Civil War-era relic to the curb. Beginning in 2015, Confederate flag will no longer be available for sale or on display at government agencies in California. MSNBC’s theGrio has the story: The law was introduced by Democratic Assemblyman Isadore Hall of Compton after his mom […]


Kansas City Bans Smoking Inside Public Housing Apartments It’s one thing to ban smoking from bars and restaurants, as Kansas City did in 2008 following years of fierce debate. It’s quite another to say people can’t smoke in their own homes and yards — yet that’s precisely what the Kansas City Housing Authority is preparing to […]

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Wednesday, Roland Martin was joined by a panel of black women in the military to discuss a new Army ban on certain natural hairstyles. The Army has long had a ban on twists and dreadlocks. Very recently, however, it decided to update its Army Regulation 670-1 with more detailed definitions of banned styles. For example, the […]