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Members of a Georgia church are taking action against the pastor who banned a 103-year-old woman by ordering him to step down, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports.

Genora H. Biggs‘ story gained national attention in August when she was kicked out of Mount Grove Baptist Church, a place she attended regularly for 92 years. After voicing concerns about the Rev. Tim Mattox’s doctrine, she was voted out by the pastor and eight members of the church. Police were also called when Biggs returned to the house of worship the following week.

On Sunday, members who disagreed with the decision to ban Biggs wrote a “Letter of Termination” to Mattox and ordered him to remove his property from the church.

Like Biggs, he has ignored the demand. Instead, Mattox went to the police on Tuesday to file a restraining order against Biggs’ grandson Elliot Dye, who was also banned. A restraining order was also issued to a former church secretary who is a supporter of the Biggs family.

A hearing on the matter has been scheduled for Oct. 5. Biggs told reporters she will fight for her right to attend the church. She began her service at Mount Grove when was 11-years-old, and is featured on a founders’ plaque engraved in the building.



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