The 44th President of the United States turns 62 this year.

Malik Obama, the half-brother of Barack Obama, tweeted what may be a real photo of the former president's birth certificate from Kenya following years of controversy and a "birther" attack spearheaded by President Donald Trump.

From our partner, TheGrio: President Obama turns 50 years old today. More than half-way through his first term, is the Obama presidency going through a mid-life crisis? A mid-life crisis comes for many adults at a turning point in life (or an administration) where an individual takes stock of where they are and makes adjustments based […]

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama will be treated to a White House party for his 50th birthday and get away with friends and family to Camp David for the weekend. WATCH NBC NIGHTLY NEWS COVERAGE OF OBAMA GETTING BURGERS: Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Obama, who reaches the milestone birthday on Thursday, plans […]

President Obama isn’t the most popular man in the country according to many polls right now, so a gift is probably the last thing he’s expecting aside from the people in his inner circle. But we wanted to come up with a list of things we think he needs after going through 2 stressful years […]

Today is the 50th birthday of the President of the United States, Barack Obama. Here at NewsOne we decided to provide you with 50 things on his 50 birthday that you may not know about our president. This birthday couldn’t have come at a better time for the president with criticisms being launched at him […]