Trump vowed to make the Republicans the “party of health care" ahead of the 2020 election.

Read President Barack Obama's full scathing rebuke of Donald Trump's presidency in his first campaign speech for Joe Biden.

President Barack Obama called out Donald Trump while making his case in favor of Joe Biden's candidacy in his first campaign speech of the season in Philadelphia.

President Barack Obama delivered a searing critique of Donald Trump's "failure" of a presidency during his Democratic National Convention keynote address that also urged voters to elect Joe Biden. Read the full speech here.

President Obama must have hit one of Trump's nerves with his Democratic National Convention speech. Trump fired off tweets in all-caps and filled with conspiracy theories.

The former president calls out a plan characterized as "sabotage" by Democrats.

He references honors the food company has received from Barack and Michelle Obama.

Our forever President Barack Obama addressed the nation during a virtual town hall event to offer some words of reassurance as the nation protests race-based police violence.

The current man in the White House completely set himself up.

Karl Rove's choice of language was being scrutinized after he described President Barack Obama's address HBCU graduates as a "political drive-by shooting."