Rollbacks by Trump concerning climate change could be detrimental to Black people in the era of the coronavirus.

Watch video of Rev. Joseph E. Lowery deliver the benediction at the inauguration for Barack Obama, who would later present the reverend with the presidential medal of freedom.

Does Trump have the coronavirus? He recently shook hands with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who has tested positive for COVID-19.

A Fox News host's gross comments revisited.


Donald Trump has appointed racist Obama birther, Mark Meadows, as the new White House chief of staff.

The Nazi flag unfurled at a Bernie Sanders rally shows America may not be ready for a Jewish president as anti-Semitism thrives. But Barack Obama's Blackness was similarly scrutinized before he won the 2008 election.


Donald Trump has blamed "rules" former President Barack Obama put in place, which affected his response to the coronavirus. Obama seemingly responded with shade, advising people to "listen to the experts."

The presidential candidate has a complicated history with Obama.

Without the elusive endorsement of Barack Obama, it was unclear which Democratic candidate would be able to break out and beyond the rest of the pack.

These five reasons underscore why the love for President Barack Obama has only grown since he left the White House.

Good News

The Barack Obama Foundation received a $5 million donation from Nike for the creation of a sports facility.

Good News

The Obama portraits will embark on a national museum tour in 2021.