Sterling's family moved to dismiss a wrongful death against the city in May, signaling that an agreement had been reached to accept the funds.


A Baton Rouge judge has been accused of using the N-word in text messages sent to a police deputy that she was allegedly having an affair with.

Sadie Roberts-Joseph was found dead in the trunk of a car in Baton Rouge and police have not said whether they have any tips to go on.

The arts community in Louisiana's capital city was mourning after it was reported that Baton Rouge arts icon Sadie Roberts-Joseph was found dead in the trunk of a car.

11-year-old Elijah Precciely has received a full-ride scholarship to Southern University.

Wilbert Jones, 65, was freed from prison after spending nearly 50 years behind bars for a crime he claims he didn’t commit.

Baton Rouge police initially arrested Kenneth Gleason on drug charges.

Baton Rouge police officials are searching for a White suspect who may be tied to the shooting deaths of two Black men.

A Baton Rouge police officer is suing Black Lives Matter activists over a police shooting that occurred in 2016.

Bryant Lee, an 18-year-old football standout, was fatally shot at a graduation party in Baton Rouge on Friday.

A Baton Rouge judge is no longer allowed to patronize Sammy's Grill after calling a woman the N-word.