Race Matters

Ben Carson said attacks on Black conservatives like Herschel Walker are the left's "attempt to divide the Black community."


During a recent interview, Ben Carson played his usual role of "Black man crying white tears" by blubbering his unseasoned cries about "identity politics" because Joe Biden vowed to nominate a Black woman to the Supreme Court since Justice Stephen Breyer is set to retire.


During a Fox News appearance, Ben Carson said, "I personally think we should seriously give thought to not testing people who are asymptomatic," or else, "We're going to have massive numbers of people who test positive" for COVID-19.

During a recent interview, Ben Carson not only compared critical race theory advocates to "animals" but he also downplayed the significance of slavery in the U.S. while invoking Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s name.

Ben Carson, who once spent more than $31,000 on a dining room set for his HUD office, had the audacity to judge President Joe Biden's $6 trillion budget.


Ben Carson offered CNN some outrageous commentary about systemic racism that might even make Candace Owens blush. (Emphasis on "might.")

They are set to give a presentation at the White House.


Ben Carson has declined to preview the White House's plan for the passengers on the Grand Princess cruise ship, 20 of whom have tested positive for coronavirus, which will dock in Oakland, California on Monday.


Guess his seat became too sunken.


The RAD program could be adversely effecting NYC public housing residents as their homes could be under the ownership of private entities, opposed to the public housing authority.


He also champions folks moving out of the projects.

Ben Carson is putting a new spin on Donald Trump's infamous presidential campaign slogan. The HUD secretary wants to make, and keep, America segregated again, according to the agency's latest proposed rule.