Ben Carson joined Roland Martin on “NewsOne Now” Friday for an exclusive hour-long interview on politics, race and health policy. It was a lively conversation that you have to witness for yourself. During the hour, Carson waded into choppy rhetorical waters when asked by Martin why black conservatives don’t speak up on issues outside of […]

Daily Beast columnist Joshua DuBois, former director of the White House Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships, published a controversial column Sunday that suggests Ben Carson’s politics have marred his professional accomplishments. DuBois laid out his argument in an article entitled, “Ben Carson Was a Role Model for Black Teens Until He Sold Out to the Right.” The problem is […]

There’s no denying that President Barack Obama‘s Affordable Care Act has been met with resistance from the right. However, Dr. Ben Carson has taken an extreme view — the neurosurgeon believes that the healthcare initiative is the worst thing since slavery. U.S. House of Representatives Assistant Democratic Leader James Clyburn completely disagreed, and aired his views on […]

Roland Martin is not one to pull punches, and he continued to keep it real today on the premiere episode of “NewsOne Now.” Martin recalled a time when he was in need of immediate medical attention, and paid the consequences of being uninsured, with a hefty bill: “I was a freelance producer, working the Democratic […]

Dr. Ben Carson, the conservatives’ anti-Obama, has inked a deal with Fox News and will now be contributing to the cable network on a more regular basis, reports RELATED: Dr. Carson Withdraws From John Hopkins’ Commencement Ceremony [VIDEO] Dr. Ben Carson Apologizes For Comparing Homosexuality To Pedophilia, Bestiality [VIDEO] As previously reported by NewsOne, Dr. […]

Dr. Ben Carson, the celebrated Johns Hopkins University neurosurgeon who became a GOP darling after challenging President Barack Obama‘s healthcare policy while he sat mere feet away at the National Prayer Breakfast, has withdrawn from delivering the university’s commencement address, citing negative media attention following anti-gay remarks he made during an interview with FOX’s Sean […]

In the midst of a tidal-wave of  criticism, the GOP’s latest minority darling, Dr. Ben Carson, has apologized for homophobic remarks made during an interview with FOX’s Sean Hannity, reports During the controversial interview, the famed John Hopkins’ neurosurgeon compared consenting homosexual relationships with pedophilia and bestiality: “My thoughts are that marriage is between […]