The sixth Democratic debate will be the first of this season without a single African American candidate on the stage, leaving uncertainty about who, if anyone, will speak up for Black lives.


The Center for Urban and Racial Equity released its 2020 Racial Justice Presidential Scorecard, a "first of its kind" that analyzes presidential candidates' policy proposals through a racial equity lens.


The week spent in Atlanta only served to crystallize where each candidate falls within the party and how those placements reflect attitudes about Black voters, especially among the frontrunners.


HBCU students interviewed during Bernie Sanders' rally in Atlanta said they still have questions about whether candidates have truly advocated for Black people and deserve the Black vote.

Bernie Sanders gave a problematic answer to a question asked by an African American male that should have been a no-brainer at a criminal justice reform forum held on the campus of Benedict College, a historically Black university.

Rep. Bobby Rush has some thoughts of Sanders' electability.


Twitter users created hundreds of the most amazing memes and gifs in response to the second round of the Democratic debates.

Bernie Sanders is being criticized for his staff's low pay.


There's been a tendency to encourage people to vote simply for the person with the best chance to rid us of Donald Trump, but that minimizes marginalized people’s demands under the guise of solidarity. 

Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders' plan to eliminate $1.6 trillion in student loan debt could make its biggest impact with Black students and alumni.

Perhaps no other issue among presidential candidates has managed to get as much attention as the argument surrounding reparations for descendants of slaves.

Bernie Sanders released a new ad, but it was unclear if he was using Pamela Turner’s death for political gain or to express genuine concern for Black lives -- or both.