This exclusive first listen to a new Biden Campaign radio ad is a reminder of the president's administration's accomplishments for Black Americans.

Many Black borrowers owe more than $10,000.


Kamala Harris had a long list of positive actions to report at the NAACP's annual convention.


VP Kamala Harris called it "an important step in safeguarding access to reproductive health care for women across the country."

Harris faced heat from conservatives and some progressives who are irate over the United States' history of mistreating migrants attempting to flee violence and persecution in their home countries.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

As we continue to see the ravages of climate disasters, a failing health and economic system and the expansion of slavery we call mass incarceration, M4BL is determined to put forward bold visions, smart solutions and meaningful alternatives.


Moving beyond rhetoric and aspirations, a report by the Center for the Study of HBCUs provides the Biden-Harris administration with a six-tiered proposal, fostering meaningful investment for HBCUs.


Although student loan forgiveness is a universal issue, Black students often have to take out more loans than their white counterparts, due in part to systemic racism.

Goff will help lead efforts to help propel Biden's legislative efforts through Congress, which includes policies promising to lengthen, ensure, and enrich the lives of Black people in America.