Good News

Cayaba Care, a company that strives to eradicate maternal health disparities, has received $12 million in funding.

The stigma against the termination of unwanted pregnancies has changed over the years, and now, a recent study reveals that the majority of women who have had an abortion do not regret their decision. A study by PLOS ONE at the University of California showed 95 percent of women who terminated their pregnancy believe that the choice was […]

A woman who believed she was 12 weeks pregnant turned out to be six months pregnant when she gave birth to her fourth child in her shower, the New York Daily News reports. Brittany Young of Des Moines, Iowa says she may have misheard her doctor when she found out she was pregnant in January. […]


For an Arizona father, what he first described as the “best day” of his life quickly took a turn for the worse when his wife died of blood loss during childbirth on Jan. 16. Now, 29-year-old Carlos Morales is journeying into fatherhood without the love of his life and gearing up to care for his quadruplet […]