Banner explained why he doesn't trust Republicans or Democrats saying, "You have the Left Wing and the Right Wing, but they're part of the same bird and the same system."

Dr. Maya Rockeymoore – the head of Global Policy Solutions, a Washington, D.C.-based policy firm – said in a recent opinion piece that Sunday’s Democratic presidential debate sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus Institute whitewashed the Black agenda. Rockeymoore stated in her op-ed, “Amidst outrage about the Academy Awards whitewashing the Oscars, NBC News has managed to […]

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Rep. Charles Rangel delivers this week's Congressional Black Caucus Message to America on the policy prescriptions for the effects of racism.

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In August of 2013, several national Black Civil Rights organizations came together to set a Black Agenda. This conglomeration of organizations included the National Urban League, National Action Network, NAACP and the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation. The plan they developed is called the “21st Century Agenda for Jobs and Freedom.” The report they released […]

Addressing poverty and reforming the criminal justice system were among the topics that came up at a White House meeting Tuesday between President Obama and members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC). Rep. Mia Love (R, Utah), the first black female Republican elected to Congress, was among those who attended the meeting. SEE ALSO: The […]


There’s a line that says, “Don’t tell me what your priorities are.  Show me how you spend your money and I’ll tell you what your priorities are.”  Earlier this week, President Barack Obama released his 2016 budget.  The $4.1 billion budget is aimed at providing support for families – specifically, middle class families.  Whether you […]

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Podcast: Download On Friday, Dr. Cornel West joined Roland Martin on “NewsOne Now” to discuss his new book, “Black Prophetic Fire.” During their wide ranging conversation, Dr. West discussed the premise of his book, his criticism of President Barack Obama and the subsequent backlash for publicly opposing the nation’s first Black commander-in-chief. Dr. West also talked […]