The campaign ads aired in choice states.

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk asked BLEXIT director Pierre Wilson if Black America prefers gangbanging over Donald Trump.

Explaining the political crisis and what it means for our communities.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

Not only are police killings of other Black people traumatic events, but that trauma diminishes the ability of Black communities to thrive.


Journalists should be concerned about newsroom cuts, but the Black community and lovers of democracy must be alarmed, too. Here's why.


To secure the future of reparations for Black America, remember the Black South.

From calling for the police to be funded to making fleeting references to issues that disproportionately affect Black people, the president's speech left much to be desired.

Colin In Black & White adds another dimension to the now exiled quarterback. As his voice finds new mediums, he’s found teammates to execute further his vision: education for Black and brown communities about racism, the structures which keep it alive, and how to tear those systems down.

White House Senior Advisor for Public Engagement Trey Baker highlighted several areas of the president's agenda directly impacting Black communities, as the president makes a big push for his expansive infrastructure plan.

In today's installment of hustling backwards, Candace Owens is pushing a conspiracy theory that Democrats are trying "to import" migrants to make "the black vote irrelevant." And she wants an apology from "Black America," too.

The U.S. Census Bureau has released partial data it collected last year showing data that will have a major impact on decisions impacting communities for the next decade.


Spike Lee's "Drop Squad" movie was released 26 years ago, but it is more relevant than ever for the state of Black America.