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NewsOne can exclusively report that the Biden-Harris administration has released a pair of new campaign videos highlighting President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris‘ dedication to advancing the societal and economic progress of Black Americans.

They are the first campaign ads in which the president speaks directly to Black Americans regarding his strategies to propel Black America forward and address the aftermath of the Trump administration’s “disastrous” actions.

The ads, titled “Price” and “Back,” respectively, are scheduled to air through Thursday in states including Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.


“Donald Trump was a complete failure for Black America,” Biden-Harris Principal Deputy Campaign Manager Quentin Fulks exclusively told NewsOne. “Black unemployment and uninsured rates spiked, his botched response to COVID-19 put the lives of our community at risk, and he dismantled a rule that combated housing bias against Black Americans.”

What is inside the new ads?

In the 30-second “Price” ad, Biden critiques Trump’s track record on Black American issues during his presidency. From slashing health insurance coverage and obstructing voting rights to fueling racial tensions, the 81-year-old Democrat cautions that another term for the MAGA Republican could lead to further harm and erosion of the rights of Black Americans under dictator-like leadership.

Highlighting his progress since taking office in 2020, Biden reflected on how he was able to increase job opportunities and cap the cost of insulin for Black Americans. Through his Coronavirus Economic Relief Fund, millions of families and small businesses received financial aid to get through the tough economic headwinds spawned by the 2020 pandemic.

“Back” is a 15-second version of the “Price” ad.

Biden said he plans to make equity a focal point for his 2024 policy agenda, which will result in lowered costs and increased economic opportunity for Black America, a promise he vowed in his “Get Ahead” ad that debuted during the NAACP Image Awards on Saturday.

“From day one, President Biden and Vice President Harris have delivered. Black wealth is up 60% since the pandemic, Black unemployment hit a historic low, and over $137 billion has been forgiven in student loan debt, which disproportionately impacts Black borrowers,” Fulks added. “The stakes are extremely high for Black America and unlike Donald Trump, President Biden and Vice President Harris have put in the work and are not taking a single voter for granted.”

The campaign comes two weeks after the NAACP released its “Black Policy Agenda.”

The Biden-Harris administration’s new ad campaign comes two weeks after the NAACP released its first-ever “Black Policy Agenda,” outlining policies that they would like President Joe Biden to uphold this year and in 2024 if reelected.

According to the organization, as the election season draws near, healthcare, voting rights and just labor laws are pressing concerns for Black Americans nationwide.

In a statement, NAACP President and CEO, Derrick Johnson, shared that the Black Policy Agenda was created to “educate, engage, and prepare the Black electorate to mobilize,” ahead of the 2024 election.

“The Biden administration must take action now to stem these disparities, particularly those created by predictive policing technologies,” he penned.


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