John Vincentini, a 64-year-old white man from Lacey, New Jersey, pleaded guilty to racially threatening a Black Amazon delivery driver.


The family of Leonard Cure filed a federal lawsuit against the Georgia police officer who shot and killed the exonerated Black man, 53, during a traffic stop last year.

Police Brutality

Eugene Lewis was handcuffed when a Mississippi Highway Patrol officer roughed him up.


"This is how you guys get killed," an officer told Gerardson Nicolas during a traffic stop.

This week's Fayetteville, North Carolina road rage killing of Stephen Addison, a Black man, could result in hate crime charges against suspected white supremacist Roger Dale Nobles, who has in the past been accused of using racial slurs.

Philadelphia has taken steps to ban its police officers from initiating traffic stops for minor infractions, a move that should prompt a collective sigh of relief for Black drivers, in particular, who are disproportionately targeted for such moving violations.


Terry Duane Turner is free on bail after killing unarmed Adil Dghoughi, lying to police about the circumstances and then being allowed to turn himself in weeks later in the shooting of an immigrant from Morocco who only pulled into Turner's driveway to turn his car around in Martinville, Texas.

Data taken from the Illinois Traffic and Pedestrian Stop Study suggests that Black drivers are actually seven times more likely to get stopped by Chicago police compared to what White people experience. 


A recent study found police officers have more pleasant interactions with white drivers than their Black counterparts using a compilation of body camera data.

While statistics about racist road rage incidents are not officially documented, the disturbing trend seems to be gaining momentum.