These events have been shown to be a form of “white backlash” working to keep Black officeholders out of power.

Ingrained racial and gendered bias affect which elected officials are entitled to be seen as fun.

The walkout didn't stop the vote, but Black senators would rather withhold their participation instead of engaging in a sham process that does not honor and respect the experiences and history of many within the state.  

These change-makers are helping to implement policies that uplift the legacy of Martin Luther King's mission for equality and justice.

On Sept. 8, Charlottesville Mayor Nikuyah Walker announced her painful decision to withdraw from this year's City Council race, a choice she explained was extremely "difficult." Walker became the city's first Black female mayor in 2017.

New York City Council has a chance to elect its first Black Speaker.

The Senate's three Black lawmakers discuss how to move the community forward in a Facebook Live chat.