Black Family

It's that time of year when families gather together for the Thanksgiving holiday not only to enjoy a good meal but also to find the time for good conversation. These topics won't stir the pot and are super important to the Black community.

House Of The Dragon is in full swing and seeing a Black family with power and prestige in a popular show makes my heart sing. 

Sesame Place invited Jodi Brown and the two Black girls who were snubbed by an employee back to the park. They rejected the offer.

In most American households, one religion usually becomes the religion of the family. If your parents were Christian, then so were you. It’s like a tradition to pass your beliefs down to your children, indoctrinating them into the same world in which their parents raised them.

The person accused of playing monkey sounds and racist music whenever his Black neighbors come and go from their home in Virginia Beach has reportedly been identified as John Michael Eskildsen, a nearly 50-year-old white man who lives with his mother.

Rev. Manikka Bowman, her husband, Jeff Myers, and their two young children were racially profiled at an apple orchard near Boston, where they were accused of stealing six apples. The orchard is now offering a hollow apology.

A racist elementary school teacher in California who was caught on a video conference call insulting her Black 6th-grade student and his mother with racist language has resigned after audio from the session was made public.

Law enforcement encounters for Black Americans stretch beyond the streets of our cities and into Black Americans’ homes, where they have a negative effect on family life.

There’s a poetry in someone dying of old age surrounded by children and grandchildren who have been prepared to say goodbye.

Twitter exploded today with images of two very different baby sling packages, both manufactured by Baby K’Tan. In one image, a Black mother is featured with her baby in the sling; in the other, a White woman is featured with her baby in the sling as well. The difference? The White woman has a smiling […]

Many of us were still on a post-Inaugural high even after King Day. Took me a minute to snap out of the euphoria. President Barack Obama’s speech was on point. He honed in on things that as an activist I work every day to protect: key civil rights like the right to vote, the right […]

A few weeks ago I got off the train from work, and saw my kids were sitting excited in the backseat of the car.  It had been a long day of drama to be honest. Plus  I had a ton of work related stuff in my email when I got home.  In short, I was […]