She is the first Black woman Virginia has ever elected to Congress.

Black folks broke down plenty of barriers this year.

Now-former Principal Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has been promoted to White House Press Secretary and will take over in a few weeks when Jen Psaki leaves, Biden announced. Jean-Pierre now becomes the first-ever White House press secretary who is Black.

Noah Harris was recently appointed to become president of Harvard University’s Undergraduate Council, making him the first Black man to be elected by the school’s student body.


Jackie Robinson's historic barrier-breaking feat celebrated its 70th anniversary last week, but a pair of forgotten Black baseball players might have some right to Number 42's historic claim.

CNN reports that 15-year-old Kimberly Anyadike of Compton, Calif. has become the youngest Black woman in history to fly solo across America. She was coached by a Tuskeegee Airman. This story courtesy of YourBlackWorld TV: SEE ALSO: Hacker Steals A Half Million From Rich White Lady Alec Baldwin’s PERFECT Tracey Morgan Impression

On November 10, 1960,  journalist Andrew Hatcher was named associate press secretary to President John F. Kennedy, becoming the first Black press secretary in the White House. Hatcher was directly involved in briefing the media on President Kennedy’s policies, decisions, actions, and other activities, and conducted news conferences and press briefings. RELATED: Smackdown! Sharpton Slams […]

FORT KNOX, Ky.— For Marcia Anderson, the promotion from brigadier general to major general validates the work of everyone who came before her. Anderson on Thursday became the first African-American woman given a second star as a general in the U.S. Army during a ceremony at Fort Knox. It’s a day, Anderson said, that black […]