The lingering questions about the icon's assassination may never truly be answered.

Since I began writing Black Folklore in 2020, I have been introduced to a side of Black History that I never knew existed. Extraordinary supernatural tales of ghosts and spirits intertwined with real-life events from Black History. As amazing as those tales have been thus far, they’re nothing compared to the world that was introduced […]

This is the legendary tale of O.T. Jackson and the Colorado Black ghost town of Dearfield.

Whispered in the hushed tones of Black folklore is the ghostly tale of Rosewood, a thriving Black town in Florida that was burned.

About 100 miles south of the border of Nebraska, tucked quietly atop the Kansas plains lies a small 145-year-old town called Nicodemus.

A Black man from Alabama escaped the thumb of slavery to become a wealthy man who founded a Black community on Lake Martin.

This is the rarely-told story of the Black Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony who sought freedom in America.

Uncovering the horrific 1959 story of 21 Black boys trapped and burned alive inside an Arkansas school built to educate them. 

A mesmerizing tale of supernatural activity throughout slavery in the Antebellum South.

On the corner of Octavia and Bush in San Francisco sits a small park filled with big lore.

In this episode of Black Folklore, host Grant Yanney tells the story of 'Free' Frank McWorter And the abolitionist town of New Philadelphia.

In this episode of Black Folklore, host Grant Yanney tells the fascinating story of the Ghost of Willie Earle.