Rep. Robert Alex Andrade proposed HB 999, which bans college and university programs in Florida that promote diversity, equity and inclusion, possibly including Black fraternities and sororities.

Black sorority, Delta Sigma Theta celebrates its 99th Founder’s Day. Delta today Sigma Theta was founded in 1913 at Howard University by 22 female students. Delta Sigma Theta has a history of political activism dating since the women’s suffrage movement when they marched in the 1918 Women Suffrage March in Washington D.C. The sorority has […]

FLORENCE COUNTY, SC — Nine members of the Francis Marion University chapter of Phi Beta Sigma have been charged with assault after a pledge was sent to the hospital due to injuries from a paddle. The fraternity members were charged with hazing, which is a misdemeanor and may face up to a year in prison. […]

This week, the Martin Luther King Memorial officially opened on the Mall in Washington, D.C. Many corporations, civic groups and  private citizens contributed to the completion of this historic monument, but this was a personal achievement for one particular group: Dr. King’s Fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha. The current general president of Alpha Phi Alpha, Herman […]

99 years ago, the Fraternity Omega Psi Phi was founded by Edgar Amos Love, Oscar James Cooper and Frank Coleman, students at Howard University on November, 17th 1911. Several prominent African Americans have joined the ranks of Omega Psi Phi, including adviser to Bill Clinton, Vernon Jordan, political activist, Jesse Jackson, basketball players Shaquille O’Neal […]

From Back when I was a young college brother, my frat and I took delight in going to parties and chanting clever little ditties against other fraternities.  For the most part, the back-and-forth chants were good-natured, usually about how much more cool my organization was compared to another organization. Or how we pledged so […]

Greek organizations are being labeled as bad individuals, rowdy individuals, because of the different things that happened during Philly Greek weekends that have had nothing to do with Greeks," he said. "In the end, nobody wins.

In protest of the recently passed immigration law in Arizona that many believe will lead to racial profiling, Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity has moved its annual convention out of the state.

From Detroit News: Detroit — A fraternity’s Wayne State University chapter has been suspended and could have its charter revoked following allegations that a 22-year-old pre-medical student was hazed so cruelly he wound up in a hospital for nearly two weeks.

Last weekend, a white sorority step team won first place in the Sprite Step Off competition, beating out black competitors from Divine Nine organizations. Several people are pretty bothered by this.

From the NY Post: Six Rutgers sorority girls — including one from The Bronx — have been charged with putting pledges through a horrific eight-day nightmare of beatings and starvation, authorities said yesterday.