Black Health

Down Syndrome (DS) is one of the most common chromosomal disorders in America, but health disparities appear to be growing in the Black community.

Research shows African Americans are twice as likely to be infected with Hepatitis C but less likely to be treated for the virus.

Iā€™m facing two battles before me ā€“ my diagnosis and the fight for voting rights. I am convinced that they can both be fought with the same weapon: the power of community.

Businessman Robert F. Smith is leading an effort to address racial disparities surrounding prostate cancer.

Black medical professionals chime in on treating the coronavirus.

Folks point out that he stole an election and now he's "stealing" Black people's life.

The news pundit is once again called out for a problematic stance.

President Derrick Johnson releases a statement.

Actress Angela Bassett has teamed up with two health-focused organizations to spread awareness about diabetes.

As a society we cannot afford to perpetuate health inequities by undermining or disguising the biological impact of racism.

A new Chicago-based nonprofit is aiming to combat diabetes within the Black community.

A federal appeals court upheld an Ohio law that strips Planned Parenthood of government funding.