Not waiting for the Biden administration to defend the case or find another remedy, the group filed a motion to intervene. According to a statement released Tuesday afternoon, the group sees Section 1005 of the American Rescue Plan as a viable step toward addressing “ decades of well-documented discrimination at the hands of the USDA.”

To say Charles was well respected would be an understatement, with news of her unexpected passing rocking many to the core. The daughter of Haitian immigrants, Charles brought her passion for justice with her from the courtroom into the studio.

Good News

The NAACP LDF has launched a $40 million scholarship fund for aspiring civil rights attorneys dedicated to driving change in the South.


The National Black Pre-Law Conference and Law Fair is held every year to help aspiring lawyers make decisions on what steps they should take to getting into law. Each attendee will be able to go to panel discussions and workshops with lawyers and judges from all across the country. Key information on how to take […]

Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer is ready for her close-up. Shawn Chapman Holley plunges her hands into the pockets of a frisky black dress on a late summer afternoon, channeling Tyra Banks as she poses for a magazine photographer at her comfortable Mediterranean-style home.