Black Teachers

The need for Black teachers is crucial because oftentimes they can bridge the gap for many Black students and connect with them in meaningful ways

A Texas school board trustee says he and his family have been the subject of death threats after comments he made at school board meetings falsely equating Black teachers and high school dropout rates.

North Carolina Central University recently unveiled a program designed to increase the representation of Black male teachers.

Elderly folks can't be the exclusive conversation when talking about vulnerable people.

Louisville-based Simmons College has launched a new program that aims to increase the representation of Black teachers in public schools.

The initiative Call Me MISTER is aiming to increase the number of Black and Latino male teachers within Chicago’s public school system.

The NYC Men Teach initiative is a program created to encourage more men of color to pursue careers in education.

The minority teacher shortage is largely a retention--not a recruitment--problem, according to research.

A new study finds long-term academic benefits to Black students who had a Black elementary school teacher.

HBCUs are still relevant in training skilled educators at a time when teacher diversity is needed.

The Education Trust publishes a report on the challenges African-American educators face in public schools. Black teachers shed light on why school districts struggle to retain them.