Civil Rights & Social Justice

A viral video purportedly shows Lakeland police officers brutally beating a Black teen before one puts their knee on his neck.

In a case reminiscent of Tamir Rice, an Akron police officer shot a Black teen, Tavion Koonce-Williams, who was holding a fake gun.

Z’Kye Husain won an undisclosed settlement two years after the Black teen was wrongfully arrested for fighting at Bridgewater Commons Mall in New Jersey.

Students at a Kansas high school staged a walkout after a viral video showed a Black student being attacked by a white student.

Sound about white: John Sheeran, accused of trying to drown a Black teen in Chatham, Massachusetts who his friend called George Floyd, has been released from a Cape Cod jail.

In Massachusetts, a Black teen died after taking part in a social media challenge called the “One Chip Challenge.”

The teen is speaking out for the first time since a white man shot him in the head.

The lawsuit claims a Chicago police officer shot an unarmed 13-year-old Black boy in the back while he was trying to comply.


Miya "Soho Karen" Ponsetto has struck a plea deal that will allow her to avoid jail time for attacking Keyon Harrold Jr. as long as she can “live a law-abiding life” for the next two years.

A Black teen was left "traumatized" after a half dozen police officers racially profiled him while he was walking home from school, threw him to the ground and handcuffed him "soley due to his race," according to a lawsuit filed in Kentucky.

A young white police officer in suburban Dallas is under investigation after a Black woman accused him of brutalizing her teenage daughter for "simply walking home" in Forney, Texas.

Rodney Reese, who was arrested in Plano, Texas, for walking in a street during a snowstorm, has spoken out after the video of his police encounter was released.