Black Teens

A Florida man was caught on camera in the midst of a profane, slur-heavy verbal attack on Black students at South Miami Middle School after he said the students hit his car.

Devonia Inman, an innocent man who was wrongly convicted for murder and robbery, walked out of prison a free -- and fully exonerated -- man on Tuesday after 23 years behind bars for a crime he never committed. He joins a growing list of exonerated Black folks.

The ordinance sparked conversations about criminalizing young people.

Wendell Pierce, The Wire star who was arrested for physically attacking a Bernie Sanders supporter, is breaking his silence about the incident. On Saturday, Pierce was apprehended at the Atlanta Loews Hotel for allegedly pushing a woman, hitting her in the head, and ripping off her sweatshirt following a heated conversation about politics. He was […]

In the wake of the George Zimmerman trial verdict, the #YourLifeMatters campaign was created with young Black men in mind. We need to communicate to them that their lives are valuable and that they have the right to live, love, walk and be free. Initiated by a series of video affirmations, #YourLifeMatters will join together politicians, celebrities and influential […]