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You can always tell that racist white people are just looking for an excuse to start slinging around racial slurs like they were trick-or-treat candy. And the “excuse” typically comes in the form of any relatively mundane altercation involving a Black person. Understand—white people get into it with other white people all the time and no one gets so annoyed that the white supremacy just flies right out of them but put one of us pesky negroes in the mix and suddenly white folks aren’t mad at the incident itself, they default to their natural states of being mad at the very existence of Black people who don’t know our place. 

Also, the age of the Black person they found themselves at odds with typically doesn’t matter. When they say “kids will be kids,” “white kids” is pretty much implied.

According to 7 News Miami, a Florida man was caught on camera in the midst of a profane, slur-heavy verbal attack on Black students at South Miami Middle School. The man is reportedly a parent of one of the students at the school and the mother of one of the Black students involved said the altercation started when the white man accused students of hitting his vehicle.

“N****, you better get the f*** away from me,” the white man can be heard saying on camera as the Black teen he’s Klan-tagonizing gets in his face. “You better get away from me. I’ll go to jail, but I’ll knock you on your a***. Listen, n****, get the f*** out of my face, f****** n***** mumbling cracker. I’m proud to be a cracker. I’m happy with what I see in the mirror every day, are you? Are you happy when you see Black in the mirror?”

First of all, if a Ritz, a Saltine, and a Cheeze-it walked hand-and-hand to a Klan snack rally, they would be this guy, so we didn’t need him to announce that he’s a “proud cracker.” We know. Secondly, where are white people getting it from that Blackness is an insult to Black people?

“Are you happy when you see Black in the mirror?” Of course we are. We stay bragging on our melanin. Does Ritz McFitz think we’re jealous of skin that ages like vineless grapes, unwashed legs, and seasonless everything? We’re not. We’re Black and proud. Besides being racist, that was a stupid question.

Lastly, and most importantly, would this self-proclaimed “proud cracker” have behaved this way if he thought white children hit his car? Would he have been threatening to fight them? Would he have shown that he regards them as adults? Obviously, we don’t need to ask if racial slurs would have fired from his tongue like a garage of bullets—because he might have still been upset about his car, but there wouldn’t have been Black kids there to turn his mild aggravation into full-blown whitey rage.

“I was boiling, I was boiling. I was very upset. I was disappointed, this is not the way a person should talk to a child,” the mother of the student on camera told 7 News. She also gave context to what the video showed.

“He started coming at them and talking about he will beat their ass,” said the mother, “calling them n***** and kept coming at them and coming at them.”

“He proceeded to continue to antagonize my son, so finally, my son turned around and was like, ‘You’re gonna hit me? Hit me, hit me, hit me,’ and he walked up to him and the guy just kept going,” she continued. “and you see from the video he said he was going to beat his ass, he kept calling them negros.”

She also said that when she went to confront the man, he drove away.

It should surprise no one that this racist grown man was bold enough to confront a teen but quickly turned into a coward when another adult came to intervene.

Racists aren’t brave people.


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