Here's where you can feel secure while trekking abroad or stateside.

These vacation hotspots have becoming popular for their exciting attractions and safety for Black travelers.

Tracy Jester Jr. was only 31 years old and died in the Dominican Republic.

African American tourism in the Dominican Republic was already falling before the deaths and sicknesses were announced, but the rising death toll could help those numbers plunge even further.


Marriott is making hotel bookings easier with a new Slack messaging app extension that lets groups find and book hotel rooms directly in their chats using one special emoji.


For Blacks during the height of the Jim Crow Era (1877-mid-1960s), a primary concern was making it to and from our destination safely, as traveling in a country plagued by racism was no easy feat.


Lopaz has decided to spin the struggles that he has experienced after moving abroad into something that he hopes can be powerful.