The three-part series covers the rise of the community and its impact on popular culture.

Here's a list of the social media influencers included in the forthcoming Hulu docuseries, “Black Twitter: A People’s History.”


Backlash to Twitter is boosting the Spill app.

Anita Baker claimed in a series of tweets that Babyface's fans have been harassing her since his concert set opening for her was cut in May.

Reports suggested Tyler Perry successfully purchased BET, but none of those reports were confirmed, sparking wild speculation across social media, especially Black Twitter.

Black Twitter had plenty to say after Dr. Phil ripped a plan to pay Black people $350,000 each in reparations for slavery.

In a world where gifs & internet jokes rule, is it offensive — appropriation, even — for white people to share memes featuring Black people?

A shroud of sorrow is cloaked over the shoulders of Black Twitter, which is mourning the death of soul singer Bobby Caldwell.

Black Twitter responded to the unveiling of Hank Willis Thomas' sculpture of Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King in Boston.


The microblogging platform has seen a rise in hate speech and technical problems.


The loss of Black Twitter could make it difficult to raise awareness about police brutality.

Experts say Black social media users might be instrumental in seeking justice for Shanquella Robinson, who died in Cabo, Mexico.