Black Twitter

Netflix's "Tiger King" might mark the first time in modern history when a lack of racial diversity on a TV show was readily welcomed by Black people.


A compilation of the Blackest moments during Super Bowl LIV.


'Don't Revoke My Black Card' goes viral on Black Twitter after folks share confessions that could get their Black card taken away.

The next step for all of us, regardless of where we fall in the argument over the memes, is figuring out the best way for us to do the most good and offer the most support to those who are going to be ravaged by America’s warmongering.

A U.S. soldier took to Instagram asking for prayers and positivity in light of the recent assassination of Qasem Soleimani.

Black Twitter wasn't exactly downplaying the very real possibility of World War III after Trump authorized a military strike to kill a top-ranking Iranian military leader. The gifs and memes speak for themselves.

We took a look at what some Black women (and Black Twitter) had to say about women proposing to men following Lindsey Vonn giving an engagement ring to P.K. Subban on Christmas Day.


The #BlackHairChallenge is showing off all types of melanin magic.

Folks say the sports commentator seems to be more woke than his Black co-host.