A sobering dose of truth serum revealed that the Black unemployment rate was still seemingly eons away from being on a par with White and Asian workers.

Robert Johnson, the founder of BET and the nation’s first Black billionaire, gave Trump supporters something to crow about after he incorrectly credited the president for improving the job outlook for African Americans.

The results are in: Donald Trump, Barack Obama is your father – at least when it comes to presidents creating jobs, that is.

Researchers examining multiple field experiments, from 1989 to 2015, found that hiring discrimination remains unchanged for Blacks.

Remember when the president patted himself on the back for Blacks having their "lowest unemployment since just after the turn of the millennium"?

Many Black folks had high expectations when President Obama entered the White House. Where those expectations too high?

Black job seekers filed a class-action discrimination suit against a Chicago-area staffing agency, claiming they used racial coding and other discriminatory practices.

Tidal recently announced that $1.5 million of the proceeds from their Tidal X: 10/20 charity concert, which took place in Brooklyn back in October, will be distributed to Black Lives Matter and several other organizations that are leading social justice movements.

The Obama administration on Thursday highlighted initiatives in housing, education, the workforce and health care designed to help foster a better economic environment for African Americans as the nation continues to emerge from the financial recession.

The president's insurance plan would replace half of a worker's lost wages for up to $10,000 over two years.

It’s no secret there are racial disparities when it comes to unemployment in America. The Black unemployment rate has consistently been double the amount for Whites. A new study released by the Board of Labor statistics revealed that the gap is still prevalent regardless of education status. The jobless rate for Blacks with a college degree had […]

A Houston mom, arrested this summer after leaving her children at a food court to attend a job interview, told Inside Edition in a recent interview that she loves her children despite the mistake.