Two white men were fined more than $1 million for orchestrating a robocall scheme to keep Black New Yorkers from voting in the 2020 election.


Multiple polling places in a majority-Black county in Mississippi kept running out of ballots, fueling suspicions of racist voter suppression.


Several Republican-led states are facing similar challenges from the Department of Justice.

Jayla Jackson took the stage at the March On For Voting Rights rally in Atlanta, Georgia Saturday morning poised and ready to work. The 16-year-old poet and activist calmly took a breath then delivered one of the most impactful speeches of the entire day.

Cliff Albright, the co-founder of Black Voters Matter Fund, said the most troubling parts of SB 202 are the provisions diluting Georgia's secretary of state’s power and allowing local county boards to take over an election.


Georgia advocacy organizations want corporations to stop funding voter suppression. The organizations responded to a recent investigation of political donations to Republican legislators.

Organizers are working against the clock to reinstate prior to the December 7 voter registration deadline so that voters can participate in the January 5 runoff elections.


The election results are official, but for many Black voters, concerns about efforts to disenfranchise their ballots this year will linger. 


Persuading Black voters to vote despite the pandemic — coupled with the same obstacles that kept Black voting down in 2016 — rendered a numerically flat turnout a victory, local activists said.

Good News

Over 40 stadiums and arenas have been transformed into polling sites in an effort to combat Black voter suppression.

The Black Ballot

With Republican-led voter suppression efforts ramped up, one could make a legal argument of gross negligence about our election system. But can anyone prove it?

The reports of voter suppression that plagued Georgia's primary election have disastrous implications for the general election in November.