Candace Owens inexplicably suggested that Lil Wayne's endorsement of Donald Trump lends credence to her decidedly failed so-called "Blexit" campaign to purge Black voters from the Democratic Party.


Kanye West's pledge of allegiance to Candace Owens and her new book about the "Democrat Plantation" is definitely worth taking a knee over.

A new poll shows that Joe Biden has historic support among Black voters in spite -- or because -- of Candace Owens' ridiculous Blexit movement encouraging Black people to abandon the Democratic Party.

"There’s too much at stake, at this point, to allow a movement so important to just be co-opted for political stunts," Me'La Connelly said.

The newest queen of the sunken place speaks out.

The term Blexit actually means bank Black.

Kanye West designs “Blexit” T-shirts for young Black conservatives.