Kathleen Casillo was given a lenient plea deal.


A suspected white supremacist and drug addict who planted a bag of explosives at a Black Lives Matter protest in Pittsburgh last year had the privilege of avoiding any jail time, thanks to a lenient judge who was apparently sympathetic to the convicted felon's history of substance abuse.


A bill introduced by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis would all but provide an incentive to inflict harm on Black Lives Matter protesters, critics say.

On Wednesday, a jury convicted Allen Scarsella, 24, of Bloomington, Minnesota of assault for opening fire and wounding five African-American men who protested against the deadly shooting of Jamar Clark in 2015.

The protest continues into day two, violating the park's policy to clear out by midnight. Organizers are documenting the occupation on Twitter using the hashtag #shutdowncityhallnyc.

The captain posted on Facebook after protesters in South Carolina blocked a roadway off of I-26 for over one hour during a march in honor of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, two men fatally shot by police last week.

The Lynx protest also comes days after NBA star Carmelo Anthony urged more athletes to cement their role in the fight for justice.

According to the FBI, Johnson was armed with an SKS semiautomatic rifle and wore ballistic body armor with plates. The SKS is a Soviet-designed military rifle first introduced in 1945.