She details being racially profiled in a traffic stop.

A cop claims to have received a doughnuts box with a 'Black Lives Matter' note. The police are investigating.

Politicians are promoting legislation in support of the Blue Lives Matter movement. It's a misperception that assaults on police officers are on the rise.


The exhibition, dubbed “Taking the Stage,” will include the cover from his 1964 album “I Started Out as a Child” and an “I, Spy” comic book.

NewsOne’s Top 5 takes a quick look at the trending stories you’re talking about: Police Shoot Man In Ferguson After He Allegedly Fired At Officers During Anniversary Protests State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal & Activist Tef Poe Express Frustration With Lack Of Change In Ferguson MLB Affiliate Holds “Blue Lives Matter” Event On Anniversary Of Michael Brown’s […]

The anniversary of Michael Brown’s death prompted marches and continued outcry about police brutality in Ferguson, Mo. Sunday, but the Staten Island Yankees used the day to push their own polarizing campaign dubbed “Blue Lives Matter.” The minor league team is a Single-A affiliate of the New York Yankees. The group shows support to the families of police officers […]