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Black cop addressing Blue Lives Matter

Source: Ben Crump / Facebook

A Black federal officer laid out the harsh experiences of being a Black woman in uniform despite calls for solidarity between cops with slogans like “blue lives matter.”

“For those that says ‘all lives matter’ when you say ‘Black lives matter’ or that says ‘blue lives matter’ to combat when you say ‘Black lives matter,’ you’re racist,” the Black officer said in a video she recorded that’s gone viral. “Because I’m a Black lives matter before blue lives matter and today was unacceptable. Today is the behavior that law enforcement officers should not exhibit.”

Attorney Benjamin Crump shared the video where the Black officer, described as Officer Jackson based on her name tag, discussed being stopped on the highway when traveling to Huntsville, Alabama in uniform. Jackson said that she wasn’t speeding but she knew she was going to get stopped “because I’m used to getting stopped because of my vehicle and because I’m Black.” She added that she’s been in law enforcement for 15 years.

Jackson went on to say that the cop said he stopped her because she was “following too close” and because she was on her phone. “I said I wasn’t on my phone, I was listening to my gospel music,” Jackson said in her video.

Jackson said that the officer that stopped her then proceeded to ask for her registration and proof of insurance, which she says she provided. However, she said the experience continued to be unpleasant because the officer was trying to “provoke” her and he accused her of having an attitude.

Jackson then showed the tickets she received in the video for texting and driving and for “following too close.” She argued that the texting and driving claim wasn’t true because she was listening to the gospel, “John P. Kee station to be specific.” She also said the “following too close” ticket was a slight from the officer who stopped her because “according to the law, it’s every ten miles per hour there should be 20 feet” and “technically we all follow too close”.

“So we know if you get that ticket or you are given that ticket that’s that cop being a butt hole,” Jackson added. She then said that the cop who stopped her tried to insinuate that she didn’t know state law as a federal officer, despite Jackson saying she enforced state law for nine years as a deputy sheriff.

Jackson said the whole incident left her upset and in tears. “I’m angry because as a Black female, I have had so many bad run-ins with the police even as a police. So when I hear Black males talk about experiences, when I hear those, I don’t discredit them. I know that they are facts. I know what they’re saying is the truth. To be honest with you all. The way that this traffic stopped happened and was conducted today, had I been in civilian clothes, it would have went different.”

“And that’s why we have these shootings because what happens is when you question the police and they don’t like that, they get angry,” Jackson added.

Her full account of the incident, posted by Crump, can be viewed below.


On Jackson’s Facebook page, she posted a follow-up video, saying she was still “traumatized” by the incident and she’s going to file a formal complaint. She also said that she was asked to take her original video down. Despite the aftermath of the video she said, “I am not worried” citing her faith as something that’s keeping her grounded. To put it simply, she described the whole incident as “good trouble.”


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