Bob McCulloch sounds like he is still bitter he lost to Wesley Bell.

Under increasing outrage and public pressure about how a woman who clearly lied on the stand was allowed to testify before the grand jury investigating the police killing of an unarmed teen, the St. Louis County prosecuting attorney appeared on a radio program on Friday to explain why he allowed the witness’s perjured testimony to […]

Podcast: Download Does a celebrity/athlete wearing a t-shirt to show solidarity with people in a movement make a difference or would it be better for them to donate funds to support the movement? NewsOne Now guest host, Mo Ivory takes your calls during the radio portion of “NewsOne Now.” The Department of Justice has announced […]

According to Merriam Webster Dictionary,  a grand jury is a jury that examines accusations against persons charged with crimes and, if evidence warrants, makes formal charges on which the accused person is later tried. Important facts to know about the grand jury process: No judge is present during a grand jury Prosecutor is the only lawyer that […]

St. Louis County prosecutor Bob McCulloch released the findings of a federal autopsy report on Michael Brown Monday, UPI reports. RELATED: Eric Holder Curbs Racial Profiling By Federal Agents Per the findings, Brown died from close-range gunshot wounds to his head and had marijuana in his system at the time of his killing. The Armed […]

Protest supporters are shocked by news that two leaders of the New Black Panther Party in Ferguson reportedly had plans to kill St.Louis County prosecutor, Bob McCulloch and bomb the  St. Louis Arch. The men were arrested three days before a grand jury decided not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the killing of  Michael Brown. One […]

Attorneys Midwin Charles and Lisa Bloom joined Roland Martin on “NewsOne Now” to review the Ferguson grand jury decision and access St. Louis County Prosecutor, Bob McCulloch’s actions in the proceedings. Charles told Martin, “I have never ever seen a prosecutor work so hard to exonerate somebody who essentially has been accused of committing a […]