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Back in August, Wesley Bell, an upstart candidate, beat longtime St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch in the Democratic primary. McCulloch was the St. Louis County Prosecutor for 27 years and never pursued charges against the officer who shot Michael Brown. He is now breaking his silence and blaming losing the election on race, not his own failures.

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Speaking on St. Louis Public Radio, McCulloch was asked about being “racially insensitive,” which is a nice way of saying people were calling out his racism. As Jamala Rogers wrote in July, “McCulloch’s father was killed in the line of duty as a St. Louis cop by a Black man. As county prosecutor, McCulloch has taken his vengeance out on literally every African American coming through county courts with harsher sentences and an abundant use of the death penalty. He comes from a family of cops; his words and actions make it clear that he will always side with police, regardless of the evidence against them.”

McCulloch responded by saying, “I think part of the narrative is you look at a number of the people, and I won’t name any just yet, but that’s – everything to them is racially motivated. And no matter what it is it’s racially motivated as far as they’re concerned, and if you look and dig into that you will see that that’s how they support themselves. And they do a great disservice to the minority community in general, not just African-Americans, but other minorities, because people get so tired of hearing that – ‘Wait a minute, this guy robbed a bank. This guy raped a woman. How is that racial that we’re prosecuting the guy for that?'”

Although he said he didn’t want to name people, he then called out the Reverend Al Sharpton.

“Al Sharpton comes to mind immediately,” he said, “that’s how he makes his living by continuing to make these allegations.”

Sounds McCulloch is angry he doesn’t have more time to avenge his father’s death. In 27 years, McCulloch never prosecuted one cop in an officer-involved shooting to the point of indictment.

Boy, bye.


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