Donald Trump's border wall reportedly caused damage to Native American tribal sites surrounding the area of his border wall, a study found.

The Dominican Republic has started construction on a border wall with the neighboring country of Haiti.

Biden's executive actions carry out the vision of his 100 day plan, and will also target underserved Black populations stressed under the weight of two pandemics, racism and the coronavirus.

Trump planned to declare a national emergency to obtain funding for his border wall.


The partial government shutdown was finally set to end after more than a month of the president holding federal workers hostage so that he could secure funding for a wall along the U.S. southern border.


Texas Rep. Will Hurd poked a hole in the president’s shaky assertion that there was an immigration crisis.

After treating Black people as a political afterthought for the first two years of his borderline illegitimate presidency, Donald Trump has now tried (and failed) twice to appeal to African-Americans when it comes to his racist immigration policies.

The president was apparently so desperate for support for his beloved border wall, he decided to try to appeal to two core demographics that he's routinely disrespected.

Clearly, Trump is only president for certain Americans.


The storm cloud of negative attention that seems to hover over the president just got a lot grayer for Trump.

Vice President Mike Pence sat there in agonizingly noticeable silence. His apparent "Weekend at Bernie's" act stood in stark contrast to an animated, and adamant, Trump.