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One of the many elements of Trump’s presidential campaign was yelling at rallies that he will build a border wall and Mexico will pay every dime. Every economist said this was a stone-cold lie, Mexico blatantly stated they would never pay for a border wall and Trump isn’t any closer to getting to the wall “a big, fat beautiful door right in the middle.”

Now, Republicans, like Steve Cortes, are going on national television to defend Trump’s lie. Thankfully, folks like Symone D. Sanders are putting them in check.

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When Cortes was quoted a poll that said 57 percent of Americans don’t want a border wall, he babbled, “To me the poll that’s most important is the 2016 election, where the wall was Donald Trump’s signature issue. He could not have been clearer about that topic, and the people spoke resoundingly.”

He continued, “I’m not surprised that Mexico isn’t offering to pay for the wall, of course not… He’s going to figure out how Mexico pays for it, we are effectively fronting the cash, he’s a developer, look at it as a construction loan.”

Sanders interjected with, “If I may, if I may. This is intellectually dishonest. What the president campaigned on, among other things, was in fact that Mexico would build the wall. It was such a popular phrase that folks would shout it back at his rallies. The president did not campaign on ‘we would front the money for the wall to Mexico to pay for it.'”

Cortes looked like his head was about explode as Sanders continued, “What has happened here is we are now in day six of a partial government shut down. That means the Department of Homeland Security, the State Department, the Justice Department, the Agriculture Department, among other departments, are now shut down because the president threw a temper tantrum and would not compromise… I would like to remind him there was an election in 2018 where an overwhelming number of Republicans on the House side ran on immigration. It was their closing argument. It was the president’s closing argument. and they resoundingly were rejected. The American people rebut that message.”

Watch Sanders handle him below, which starts at the 21:45 mark:


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