Good News

Barbie has created a doll inspired by Britain’s fastest woman sprinter Dina Asher-Smith.

The Chagos Islands, Africa's last remaining British colony, is still under control of the United Kingdom despite orders from the United Nations for Britain to recognize its sovereignty.

Arts & Entertainment

A group of Black activists in Brixton reimagined film posters of mainstream movies by adding Black leads.

Arts & Entertainment

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made their first public appearance together as a couple in Canada.


After calling for a temporary shutdown of Muslims entering the U.S., British lawmakers on Monday held a vigorous debate about banning Donald Trump from the UK, reports Reuters.


Fourteen Caribbean countries have filed lawsuits against the European countries that colonized them, seeking reparations for slavery, Al-Jazeera America reports. SEE ALSO: 81-Year-Old Has A Business That’s ‘Brooming!’ Speaking Friday at the U.N.’s General Assembly, Saint Vincent and Grenadines’ Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves (pictured) told the crowd that the countries must repent for their past […]


London Metropolitan Police are investigating a video uploaded to YouTube of a Black woman using racially abusive language towards White passengers on a city bus, the Daily Mail reports. The video titled “Racist black woman on London bus” was uploaded on Aug. 17 and has more than 16,600 views. It shows a middle-aged, unidentified Black […]

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Hard-line Iranian students stormed British diplomatic sites in Tehran on Tuesday, bringing down the Union Jack flag, burning an embassy vehicle and throwing documents from windows in scenes reminiscent of the seizing of the U.S. Embassy compound in 1979. See also: U.S. Suspects Forces Were Lured Into Deadly Raid See also: Back Off! […]

British reporters have revealed a shocking religious practice that may have cost the lives of six HIV-positive patients in England.

Great Britain is celebrating its Black History Month against a backdrop of racial tension.

While the world focused its attention on the political cliffhanger in May that led to Great Britain’s first coalition government in 70 years, the U.K.’s minorities were making significant gains in national representation.